Lesser-Known Uses for Window Shades

Window shades reduce glare, solar heat gain, even light pollution. But shades are much more flexible than you might realize. Here are some alternative uses of shades that have nothing to do with solar control.


Museums, sports facilities, and other venues often provide food, ticketing, and other services through a service window opening.  When the service window is unavailable, cover and secure these openings with a window shade.  Custom-printed shades can even indicate when the window is closed for business.


Noise is one of the most pervasive pollutants in today’s built environment. EchoControl acoustical shading reduces echo inside a room, as well as the overall level of sound in a space even as glare and solar heat gain are reduced.


Draper Graphic FlexShadeIn many commercial locations, external signage is restricted, or the windows can interrupt the message of the facility. Custom-printed artwork brings the windows into use for interior or exterior messaging. Provide assistance with space separation and wayfinding in a way that dovetails neatly into the overall design of the space.


Want privacy? Buy shades. That’s the gist of a newspaper article about a Tribeca family who lost a legal battle against a photographer who took photos of the family through the windows of their home without their consent or knowledge. The family lost their legal battle, mainly because the judge felt that the photos were done as art and, thus, not illegal. [Click here to read more.]


When the school corporation in Glen Ellyn, Illinois built four new elementary schools, classroom windows had to be furnished with motorized shades as part of school safety planning. In the event schools need to be locked down, teachers can quickly push a button to lower the shades so movements can’t be seen from outside the classroom.

Window shades can be used for much more than just solar control. Click here to visit Draper’s website and explore the many ways our shades can help you solve problems.