Draper launches NEXD generation of heavy duty shade clutches

FlexShade NEXD

There are some settings where a standard clutch-operated window shade won’t stand up to rigorous treatment over time. However, due to cost issues a manual shade is still preferred.

For these installations, the next generation of our heavy duty XD clutch is here! NEXD has a compact 3-3/16” x 3-3/16” profile, and is packed with new features!

NEXD Mounting and hardware options:

  • Endcaps with or without fascia
  • Cassette with or without fascia
  • Cassette headbox with or without fascia

NEXD features:

  • Wall, ceiling or jamb mounting
  • Mounting brackets can be field modified for wall or ceiling installation
  • Multiple paths for the idler pin for easy mounting of the shade roller
  • Height-adjustable idler bracket
  • Stainless steel bead chain
  • Same hem bar options as other FlexShades

    NEXD Expanded View
    NEXD Expanded View