Hunter Douglas Launches New RB 500 Clutch

The Hunter Douglas Architectural team announces the launch of their latest enhancements to the RB 500 Roller Shade System.

The new RB 500 Standard Duty+ and Heavy Duty+ clutches and brackets bring to the table a streamlined, competitively priced system with greater lift capacity, standardized deductions, and a sleek new profile.  The new componentry offers the following advantages.

Features & Benefits:

  • Competitively priced
  • Engineered to lift more weight than the industry standard
  • Maximum required pull force of 10 lbs. guarantees easy lifting
  • Clutch designed to reduce friction on the chain, ensuring smoother and quieter operation
  • Fewer components mean simpler order process
  • Standardized deductions make the move from manual to automated simple and cost-effective
  • Brackets and clutches designed to fit seamlessly together, creating a sleek profile
  • Redesigned dual bracket allows for both manual and automated shades on one system